C.I. Naturandina Ltda.
Cra. 12 No. 79-32 Bogota, Colombia
Tel: (571)317-1707 Fax: (571)317-1719
Naturandina del Peru S.A.C.
Av. Paseo de la Republica 291 Lima, Peru
Tel: (511) 428-4736 Fax: (511) 426-8204
Naturandina Chile S.A.
San Sebastián #2812, Oficina 709,
Las Condes - Santiago, Chile
Tel: (56-2)2245-7264 Fax: (56-2)2245-7265

Naturandina was established in 1994 with the aim of supplying the world with gourmet South American products. Over the years we have specialized in providing frozen products to highly demanding food service industry customers around the world. Some of our lines have become well recognized in very demanding markets such as Japan.

With offices in Colombia,Peru and Chile, our staff is present both in the fields and the production lines in order to guarantee the highest quality standards both during harvesting and processing.processing. We strive to respond to our customers needs, backed by years of experience both in supply and logistics.

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